2015 RRD Obsession PRO MKII

The Obsession PRO MKII is our new pure blooded freestyle kite.

It’s been designed and developed with precise input from our freestyle pro team to get them exactely what they need.No compromise on the type of shape: a pure, very fine tuned C-shape kite equipped with 5 lines, to be precise, powerful or very neutral when you need it. Now that freestyle has reached incredible levels of performance you need a kite that not only delivers this on/off feedback to the bar , but also an incredibly increased staibility of the kite itself in the air. Very thin shaped struts to minimize weight, and thin leading edge diameter has allowed the save about 300 grams of weight when comparing to the previous MKI kite,making the kite even more stable than before. The Obsession PRO is designed with a very high aspect ratio C-shape, that helps creating the perfect de-power rope length: infact the whole power range of the kite is within 15-20 cms from you chicken loop enabling you to have the perfect power control without the need of moving your arms forward. Also when using the kite fully powered up, you can easily un-hook and get a very neutral feel with it when keeping the kite in the same spot. The super squared tip design helps increasing the turning speed when needed and creates a very precise, predictable behaviour in the air. You always know where the kite is without the need of high bar pressure. The new super short Obsession Pro bar is 7 cms shorter than our Global bar and is now 48 cms in total width. It comes equipped with 20 mts flying lines only.

This is the new machine for your serious freestyle sessions.

Sail sizes: 5-6-7-9-10,5-12-13,5-15


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