Advance (Lv. 3) 進階課程

學習基本花式以及更好滑行技巧     Start to learn ticks and be a better rideranigif

完成Level 2人仕 HKD 1000 ( 2 Hrs )     (費用已包括所有器材租用費)

For kiteboarder obtained level 2 HKD 1000 (1 Session 2 Hrs )     (Included equipment rental fees)



控制滑水板壓水角度 , 控制滑水速度 , 改善左右兩邊的滑水技巧。
上風滑行技巧 , 遇到其他水上活動或風箏滑水玩家之防碰技巧。
滑行轉向方法 , 水中自救法及收放風箏技巧。
自行降落風箏 , 基本跳躍技巧及安全需知。

You will learn:

Angle of edging of kiteboard , speed control , improve the skills of riding toeside and heelside.
Upwind riding skills , collision prevention techniques.
Heelside and toeside carving turn , self rescue skills in water and self launching the kite.
Self landing , basic jumping techniques and safety tips.


我們提供的課程是跟據International Kiteboarding Organization(IKO)所制定 , 課程由IKO持牌教練教授。
Kiteboarding course was formulated by International Kiteboarding Organization(IKO) .  Course was taught by affiliated instructor.